Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When all you can do is wait.

Do you remember this cutie?  Need a hint?  Here's his face.
Yes, its Sebastian.  Now, I realize that some of you may not know who he is, or just need your memory refreshed.  So, that's what we'll do here.  Just click on the link to read more about it.
Yesterday, Sebastian had another cleft-pallet surgery.  Hopefully his last one.  It is done, but we don't know if it was successful of not.  Here is a little update from the nurse that spent the last few days with him.  
Thank you for all the prayers! He did wonderfully and is being discharged today. He isn't talking yet, but able to drink without trouble. Three weeks of soft diet and check up in a few months to see if it was successful and his last cleft palate surgery- fingers crossed!!
So now we wait.  We pray.  And, we ask you to pray.  Here are a few more pictures because I know you want to see some more of his cuteness.  {And if you don't, whatever, just go ahead and x out this tab, but just know ... you are missing out. ;)}

 Thanks for praying for him!