Friday, September 23, 2011

Sebbie ... this is not the end

Bonga (fist pound) Sebastian, bonga!

Many of you have heard about little Sebastian. You have seen his picture and prayed for him by name. We have sent out Facebook Status, Newsletter updates and numerous Blog posts asking you to pray for Sebastian. So, you have probably heard his story. If you haven't, he is 18 months old and has a Bilateral - Cleft Pallet.
After the third time of going to get his surgery done he went again on Wednesday. He had it done and he is coming home today!
Please don't stop praying for Sebastian. This is not the end. A Speech Therapist came out to visit GSF. She said that depending on how good his surgery is he may never talk. It might be too late. This was heartbreaking to me to think of sweet little Sebastian never being able to talk. He will be running around and playing (he is already beginning to walk) but he might not be able to use words to communicate. He makes noises right now so I am hopeful. Please continue to pray with us for little Sebastian. Pray that God's will would be done in Seb's life. We would like to hold onto these verses and believe that God will give him speech...
"Can you understand the secrets of God? His limits are higher than the heavens; you cannot reach them! They are deeper than the grave; you cannot understand them! His limits are longer than the earth and wider than the sea." - Job 11:7-9
But if not ...
You must give your whole heart to him and hold out your hands to Him for help. - Job 11:13

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