Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giving Thanks

It feels kind of weird to be writing about something that happened almost 6 months ago:). Its also hard to remember what happened 6 months ago.  Thankfully, I was able to look at pictures and remember what happened back then.  All of the pictures were either taken by Auntie Amanda's cousin, Sarah Vechio (sp?), or someone who was using her camera.  Hope you enjoy!
Well, on Thanksgiving I started out by helping my mom and then went next door to help Auntie Amanda and the teen girls.  Auntie Amanda made like five wedding cakes (for Isaiah's wedding) and a lot of pumpkin pies.  Just so you know how much she made she ran out of pans (and borrowed all the ones we weren't using) and ended up having to make some pumpkin muffins.  Ha ha!  Well, I will let pictures speak for the rest of this.  Oh, I almost forgot ... we have this 'tradition' that we run around and bang pots and pans on Thanksgiving.  Casia and Corrine (if you are reading this) you have to do this next year.  None of us will be here (we will be on furlough).  Oh, and this was Nurse Katie's first Thanksgiving (she's from England) so, we had to teach her how to do it right with face paint!  Ha ha.  Don't worry, we told her it wasn't how you really do it.  NOW, I will let the pictures speak.

Nurse Katie in her American apron reading about Thanksgiving

I know I'm weird - I like this picture

She's going to kill me!

I have no idea

Go-ogling pictures of Indians
Found one!

They won't let her crawl at 6 months but they will feed her cool whip!

Haha!  Look at Teddy's apron on her head!
The artists making sure she does it right
It draws a big crowd
Teddy being silly while Joy and Rebecca paint my face

Banging pots and pans

We taught Joann how to do Thanksgiving right! haha!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From one little girl to another ...

Joann and Gayla June 2011
... the love carries
Gayla and Annet March 2012
Joann is now in America with her forever family!  So grateful for each of these sweet girls!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Birthday!

Okay, so since a blog post about my birthday was unanimously voted on I figured I should do that one first.   
Well let’s see, what did I do on my birthday?  I was just getting over some nasty cold so basically I changed out of my pajamas around 10 and didn’t go outside until about 6.  At 6 I went and told the girls’ house-moms that they were eating with me and then I went to tell the teen girls.  I went back home and got watered.  Then, set up for dinner and went to get the girls.  We had a fun time eating, talking and mostly just laughing.  After that, we, of course, had cake and the girls next door (well, not next door anymore:()came over for cake too.  We then sat and looked through old pictures of them which is a favorite thing for everyone!  Sadly, they all had to go home after that and our fun night was ended.  Here are some more pictures.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Didn't think about ....

... Time Differences!  Actually I did.  I just didn't think that if I posted the 'Can't Decide' post and didn't share it or anything it would only give people in America a few hours that they were awake in between the time I posted and the time I was in town.  So, I started to write a blog in town, but had to concentrate on school and then my time was cut short.  Thanks to the people who responded!  I actually had a feeling on Wednesday morning that I should write about Simeon's passing.  I am still being taught so much through it and I felt like I should write about it.  I actually started writing about my Birthday already.  I will load the pictures onto it and post it on Wednesday.  I will also post about Simeon unless someone else writes and makes something else more popular.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Can't decide

So, I kind of decided that I don't want to write about all the things I mentioned in 'telling the stories'.  There, one decision made.  But, I can't decide which to write about.  So, I think you should help me decide.  I have also decided that I will start doing a blog post every Wednesday when I am in town.  Here is a list of things I need  to catch up on.  Leave a comment telling me which on you want to hear about.  Tomorrow, I will get on and see what you all say and write about one of the things you want to hear about.  Here are the choices:
  1. Philip's homecoming
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Isaiah's wedding
  4. Simeon's passing
  5. P7 Party/Speech Day
  6. Christmas at GSF
  7. My Birthday
I thought I had a bit more, but I guess not.  Who knows how many people will look at this before tomorrow and I think even less will comment on it.  Oh well, we will see.  Comment away!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Smiles - click links to read more about these children

Kenny (2)-more

Jeremiah (2)
Ketty Miracle (4 months) {Jeremiah's sister} - Miah and Ketty
Faziri (4)
The four newest kids at GSF!


I haven’t really done many posts on this blog where I just focus on one child.  I have kind of decided that once I get caught up on other stuff I want to start doing that more.  So, today I start with Monib.

Monib is a little boy on the feeding program (see last post).  He is about three years old and has some sort of special needs. Monib brightens my day every single Thursday.  Every week when I walk down on Thursday I head straight for Monib and his mama sees me and hands him over to me.  It is always so easy to make him smile unless he is sick.  His smile brings so much hope that with a lot of love and a little bit of therapy this little one will thrive!!  This little cutie is a favorite of many.  I love cuddling with him while talking with his mama.  When I throw him up in the air his smile and giggle lights up my world.  I’m usually not able to hold this one for the whole time as just about everyone else wants to hold him as well.  But, as you know there is always another little one I can pick up. 
With Emma

Feeding Program

Every Thursday the mamas of babies on GSF's feeding program come with their babies to GSF.  On the first Thursday of every month the elderly on the feeding program and the mamas who live to far to walk every week come to get their food and supplies for the month.  I like to try to go down every week, but that doesn't happen so much.  Auntie Amanda's class goes on the week that everyone comes so, I make sure I go that week.  Oh, and there are currently a whopping 5 kids in her entire school.  Don't worry though, there is never a shortage of babies to hold.  Now, whether or not a shortage of babies who aren't scared of us is a different story.  Here are a few pictures of her class doing outreach at the feeding program.  Sorry if there are some that are meaningless to anyone.  I love them all!  I think everyone in her class is in these pictures except for Emma.  She will be in the next one.