Thursday, April 11, 2013


I have a story to tell today.  It is one that cannot quite be explained with words.
Mark lost his legs in an accident several years ago and was recently gone for 2 months

On Tuesday, Mark came back to GSF with legs!
Auntie Rose with Mark!

Mark and my dad {also named Mark}

An after picture

With a whole bunch of GSF kids

Big David and Mark - 2 men of God who have had the opportunity to get new legs!
 I {along with several others} was privileged to go take him home.  It was so amazing to watch people gather around as he came.  Here he is getting out of the car.
This truck from GSF pulled up no more than a minute after we did - perfect timing!
 Some very happy people to see Mark again - and with legs!
Showing them how he can take some steps!
Mark is a huge evangelist and is excited to have this opportunity to tell others about what God has done for him!

 This sweet little girl came and clung to Mark.  They spend a lot of time at his house listening to Bible stories and she was so excited he was back!  She is in the next couple of pictures as well.

The people in Mark's village.  He is in the middle.