Friday, February 28, 2014

Blessings and Joy

He came from a place no one likes.  No one wants to go.  People use it as a joke and an offence.  He’s nearby playing now, carefree and seemingly innocent.  Someone mentions that he is from that place.  “They are real a lot there, and yet this one was chosen.”  “Yes, he is the blessed one.”  Blessed.  God chose to bless this little boy.  To bless him with love, home and family.  To bring him from a place no child should have to be.  God chose to use this little boy's life to bless the kids at GSF.  To give them the blessing of seeing that, out of things the world sees as curses, God can give us blessings.

The little two-year-old snuggles up close.  Several illnesses and more medicines than you can imagine often make her sick.  She vomits every day and is pretty malnourished.  However, she doesn’t stay down very long.  She is often found wobbling around with her little tongue sticking out, full of joy.  Joy.  The very thing she wouldn’t be expected to have, but she is full of it.  Just as God chose to bless us with the 6-year-old boy, he chose to give us a new joy through this 2-year-old girl.  To give her the joy of family, love and hope.  To give us joy through her.

Rejoice with us for the way God is blessing these kids and us.  Please also keep them in your prayers as they adjust to life at GSF. Especially pray for this sweet girl to gain health again soon.