Thursday, June 28, 2012

His love stories

Tell me in the morning of your love, because I trust you.  Show me what I should do, because my prayers go up to you. ~Psalm 143:8
I love this verse for a lot of reasons.  Mainly, because when I read the whole chapter it's clear - David's goin' through some tough times yet, this verse is so calm.  I have those kind of days a lot.  After reading this verse, I am choosing a new perspective to watch for His love stories.  Tuesday, I went through one of those beautifully HARD days.  It began when a 9 month old baby and her young mother came to the clinic.  I saw how small the sweet baby was.  I went and sat with her mother, Keniva and tried to hold the little one, Leticia.  She cried and I felt like crying too.  It literally felt like I was holding bones.  I thought she would just break.  Auntie Loyce {Social Worker} helped me weigh Leticia.  We weighed her 3 - 5 times to make sure we weren't mistaken.  3.5 Kilos {about 7 pounds}.  That's less than I weighed when I was born.  It made me sick.  She is now admitted into the near by clinic.  I am finding God's love story in this and praying for them.
Also, meet Grace and Teddy.  The two newest members of GSF.  Here is a {wonderful!} post about Grace from our Nurse Katie.  Little Teddy is only a little over 2 months old.  She is a sweet little girl.  I am on a different computer today, so I don't have pictures of either of them.  Sorry!  I will try to do more about them later.
I have so many more of these stories, but I don't have that much time. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Slowing Down ...

Lately, I have had a bit of a struggle balancing everything I do.  So, Lina's Legacy will be slowing down.  I need to spend more time working on school and MAKING a legacy and this space is taking away from that time.  I love this blog, but don't be surprised if you don't hear anything on here for a while or if all you get is a few sentences, a picture or two or a link.  I need to get a schedule down, and hopefully that will be soon and then I can put blogging back in it.
For now, check this out! Phiona grew up at GSF.  Here is the FaceBook Page - - they share news stories about it and hopefully they will add more pics soon.  Also, if you want to keep up with what's happening at GSF, you can read Nurse Katie's Blog or my mom's blog.
Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope this doesn't last too long.