Sunday, March 4, 2012

Telling the stories

Over the last few months I have not blogged very much.  I feel like now is the time for me to tell those stories that have not been written here.  And friends … there are lots of them.  I don’t know if I will even have time to catch up on all of these old things before new ones come up.  A few months ago I was talking with my parents about blogging and I said ‘I just do so many blog worthy things I don’t have time to write about them’.  That is kind of the story of my life right there.  Anyways, so many stories … so little time.  So, here is a little overview of my past 5 months.  I will hopefully write more in-depth stories later.

November brought with it a new face, little 2 year old Kenny who has Cerebral Palsy.  
 And, it brought an ‘old’ ‘brother’ back home.  Philip is still pressing on!  It brought Thanksgiving which for me was a wonderful time to look upon all I had to be thankful for.  Little did I know, two days later we would all be struggling with giving thanks.  The next day, our ‘brother’, Isaiah had his introduction (really big deal before a wedding).  And the next day Isaiah Mitteyeyiidet and Norah Namubiru were married in GSF chapel.  That same morning, another one of our ‘brothers’ lost his son.  Little Simeon will be forever missed at GSF.  In the same month we had a P7 party which is basically like a prayer
service for our P7s (7th graders) before they start their big exams.

December brought with it 3 new faces.  Two year old Jeremiah along with his 4 month old sister, Miracle Ketty, as well as 4 year old Faziri are now happy members of our ‘family’.  It also brought with it (of course) Christmas and lots of parties.  It also brought the adoption of two of our members, Edi (now called Caleb) and his sister Zaituna (now called Hannah).

January was my birthday.  I enjoyed celebrating this time with some girls who I love so much.  It also saw two more of our members, Joann and her sister Angel, leaving with their forever family.

February was Valentine’s Day and we discovered that there was lots of love in the air at GSF.  We have several weddings coming soon!  We said ‘good-bye’ to several of our friends as they now live with their biological families.  We also said ‘good-bye’ to some who had to leave because of age and schooling to go to boarding school.

March … well; we’re only four days into March.  But, it has introduced us to a cute little face.  Daniela is the daughter of one of our ‘big sisters’ and will be staying with one of our staff members while her mama, Sarah, finishes school.  Please be praying for Daniela, Sarah and Judith (the woman taking care of her) as they go through this.

Hopefully later on today I will be able to post some stories and pictures of February.  Hopefully this won’t take long to get caught up.

  Sorry there aren't pictures.  The internet is really bad so, I didn't want to upload pictures.  I really wanted to get this out so, I won't wait till I get to town.  Plus, I am going to be writing more about all of this so, there will be pictures there.

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