Thursday, March 15, 2012

Didn't think about ....

... Time Differences!  Actually I did.  I just didn't think that if I posted the 'Can't Decide' post and didn't share it or anything it would only give people in America a few hours that they were awake in between the time I posted and the time I was in town.  So, I started to write a blog in town, but had to concentrate on school and then my time was cut short.  Thanks to the people who responded!  I actually had a feeling on Wednesday morning that I should write about Simeon's passing.  I am still being taught so much through it and I felt like I should write about it.  I actually started writing about my Birthday already.  I will load the pictures onto it and post it on Wednesday.  I will also post about Simeon unless someone else writes and makes something else more popular.

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