Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feeding Program

Every Thursday the mamas of babies on GSF's feeding program come with their babies to GSF.  On the first Thursday of every month the elderly on the feeding program and the mamas who live to far to walk every week come to get their food and supplies for the month.  I like to try to go down every week, but that doesn't happen so much.  Auntie Amanda's class goes on the week that everyone comes so, I make sure I go that week.  Oh, and there are currently a whopping 5 kids in her entire school.  Don't worry though, there is never a shortage of babies to hold.  Now, whether or not a shortage of babies who aren't scared of us is a different story.  Here are a few pictures of her class doing outreach at the feeding program.  Sorry if there are some that are meaningless to anyone.  I love them all!  I think everyone in her class is in these pictures except for Emma.  She will be in the next one.

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