Sunday, March 11, 2012


I haven’t really done many posts on this blog where I just focus on one child.  I have kind of decided that once I get caught up on other stuff I want to start doing that more.  So, today I start with Monib.

Monib is a little boy on the feeding program (see last post).  He is about three years old and has some sort of special needs. Monib brightens my day every single Thursday.  Every week when I walk down on Thursday I head straight for Monib and his mama sees me and hands him over to me.  It is always so easy to make him smile unless he is sick.  His smile brings so much hope that with a lot of love and a little bit of therapy this little one will thrive!!  This little cutie is a favorite of many.  I love cuddling with him while talking with his mama.  When I throw him up in the air his smile and giggle lights up my world.  I’m usually not able to hold this one for the whole time as just about everyone else wants to hold him as well.  But, as you know there is always another little one I can pick up. 
With Emma

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