Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giving Thanks

It feels kind of weird to be writing about something that happened almost 6 months ago:). Its also hard to remember what happened 6 months ago.  Thankfully, I was able to look at pictures and remember what happened back then.  All of the pictures were either taken by Auntie Amanda's cousin, Sarah Vechio (sp?), or someone who was using her camera.  Hope you enjoy!
Well, on Thanksgiving I started out by helping my mom and then went next door to help Auntie Amanda and the teen girls.  Auntie Amanda made like five wedding cakes (for Isaiah's wedding) and a lot of pumpkin pies.  Just so you know how much she made she ran out of pans (and borrowed all the ones we weren't using) and ended up having to make some pumpkin muffins.  Ha ha!  Well, I will let pictures speak for the rest of this.  Oh, I almost forgot ... we have this 'tradition' that we run around and bang pots and pans on Thanksgiving.  Casia and Corrine (if you are reading this) you have to do this next year.  None of us will be here (we will be on furlough).  Oh, and this was Nurse Katie's first Thanksgiving (she's from England) so, we had to teach her how to do it right with face paint!  Ha ha.  Don't worry, we told her it wasn't how you really do it.  NOW, I will let the pictures speak.

Nurse Katie in her American apron reading about Thanksgiving

I know I'm weird - I like this picture

She's going to kill me!

I have no idea

Go-ogling pictures of Indians
Found one!

They won't let her crawl at 6 months but they will feed her cool whip!

Haha!  Look at Teddy's apron on her head!
The artists making sure she does it right
It draws a big crowd
Teddy being silly while Joy and Rebecca paint my face

Banging pots and pans

We taught Joann how to do Thanksgiving right! haha!

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