Monday, March 12, 2012

Can't decide

So, I kind of decided that I don't want to write about all the things I mentioned in 'telling the stories'.  There, one decision made.  But, I can't decide which to write about.  So, I think you should help me decide.  I have also decided that I will start doing a blog post every Wednesday when I am in town.  Here is a list of things I need  to catch up on.  Leave a comment telling me which on you want to hear about.  Tomorrow, I will get on and see what you all say and write about one of the things you want to hear about.  Here are the choices:
  1. Philip's homecoming
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Isaiah's wedding
  4. Simeon's passing
  5. P7 Party/Speech Day
  6. Christmas at GSF
  7. My Birthday
I thought I had a bit more, but I guess not.  Who knows how many people will look at this before tomorrow and I think even less will comment on it.  Oh well, we will see.  Comment away!


  1. How about start with Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then your birthday? But only one each week so that you can be sure to get your schoolwork done while you are in town also. Love you, Nan

    Have fun

  2. I want to hear about Isaiah's wedding, and your birthday, and your thoughts on Simeon's passing, oh and the P7 party. I just look forward to every blog! Love you so much,

  3. I enjoy reading everything you post :) But I would like to read about your birthday.