Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Birthday!

Okay, so since a blog post about my birthday was unanimously voted on I figured I should do that one first.   
Well let’s see, what did I do on my birthday?  I was just getting over some nasty cold so basically I changed out of my pajamas around 10 and didn’t go outside until about 6.  At 6 I went and told the girls’ house-moms that they were eating with me and then I went to tell the teen girls.  I went back home and got watered.  Then, set up for dinner and went to get the girls.  We had a fun time eating, talking and mostly just laughing.  After that, we, of course, had cake and the girls next door (well, not next door anymore:()came over for cake too.  We then sat and looked through old pictures of them which is a favorite thing for everyone!  Sadly, they all had to go home after that and our fun night was ended.  Here are some more pictures.

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