Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lighting up!

I posted my last blog post on my Face Book wall the other day saying 'Welcome L&G! Ha - LG - isn't that an electric company?' 
My grandma commented and said 'They'll light up your world!'
I was pondering that comment because neither of them had been smiling much (I had seen them smile, but had heard that there had been a few smiles) and they both looked sick and scared.  Not much of lighting up my world picture.  I began praying that they would light up the world.  That God would make them happy little girls at GSF. 
The first time I met Gloria she was with her Jaja (Grandmother) and she was a little bit scared of me.  This was about the best picture I could get of her (right).
When I first met her
When she moved to GSF she wasn't actually scared of me but still I could no smiles or interaction.  This was about as good as it got.
But a week later ...  I was asked (by someone else in her house) to come down to her house to see all the girls, but they really wanted me to see Gloria.  And the quick 5 minutes in her house proved very successful - with pictures of Gloria and her housemates SMILING!  This is just about the only one of her by herself.
She's lightin' up this little part of the world!  I will save you from having to look through all the others (especially since my internet is so slow).
Little Letty (Leticia) is smiling more too.  I don't have any pictures of her smiling yet.  She has a very bad rash and is sick as well.  She is being cared for by one of the other missionaries for a few weeks.  A few days ago I was able to sit and just hold her for a long time when all the missionaries got together.  She would almost fall asleep but when someone would walk by she would wake up again.  She would just look into my eyes for a long time - it totally made my day (No, I didn't have my camera).
In other news of other kids who are 'lighting up' - Ben is ... well, getting darker ... but that is just his skin.  He is lighting up and is awake a whole lot more.
Sorry I made the words at the bottom too small - they say, 1 week, 3 weeks, 5 weeks
The rest of this I wrote a while back, but just haven't gotten around to posting it.
Here are a few quick updates on a few kids who I wrote a good deal about earlier but haven’t written about for a while.   Also in here are a few quick prayer requests.  Thank you for your continued prayers for all these kids.
1.      Babirye and Kato.  You may remember these two cuties from August (Mercy Ministry - twins).  Look at how much they have grown and how much their personalities have come out (I know, I can't capture a persons whole personality in pictures)
3.      Philip.  The change we have seen in Philip is amazing!  You would never guess that almost 5 months ago we were told he would NOT make it home without a BIG miracle and sent home 3 weeks later as a very sickly boy.  He has gone from 18 kilos when released to 27 kilos.  (Aug. picture credit of Nurse Meredith)
4.     Sebastian.  Sebastian is doing really well.  He is talking a lot and loves copying what others say.  I will try to write more about him later because there is a lot you haven't heard.
5.      Faziri.  The word now is that Fizo most likely doesn't have Hertzpurung (I really don't want to try to spell that again) but they aren't sure what he has if he even has anything.  I will keep you updated.
Yeah, I think that's all.  If there is someone I used to write about a lot but haven't in a while or someone you have been praying for because of this blog but haven't heard about in a while you can comment and tell me if you would like to know more (sorry for that run-on sentence).

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  1. I love it! Love the "before and after" pictures. You caught the personalities so well of the twins...they are sooo cute. Thank you for the updates. Phillip is amazing: What a testimony to God's grace and power. Have to wonder just how far God's plans for him extend.

    Good writing! Love you!