Monday, May 14, 2012

Mary introduces Moses! {The important people and things}

The Aunties and Bridesmaids walked out ...
... with 'the one we came for'...
...Teacher Mary!
They knelt down...
and Ssenga (in red - she was like the lead auntie) said she knew us.
So she came looking through the crowd & found Moses (groom) and brought him to the front of our side
 And went back to the other side and brought Teacher Mary to sit with him.
{I just liked this picture of the basket he gave her ... that's the only reason I put it here.}
 Then, Teacher Mary went back with everyone who had come out with her so they could change while her family negotiated and said she could come with us.  Then, Teacher Mary, her brides-maids and 'sisters' came bak out.
This is one of my favorite pictures!
They danced and then the groom's side made a line from the car to where they were standing and passed the gifts down.  Of course, I just found a good spot and stood and took pictures.
 Here are some of the gifts.
Passing the Chicken
The chicken was SO happy to be someone's present - NOT!
Handing off the chicken (sorry - I was behind people)
Then, Moses gave Mary an engagement ring.
 Then, it was time for cake.  For lack of a good spot I do not have a picture of the whole cake.
And last, it was time for dinner - which I do not have any pictures of.  And then, it was time to leave.  I love Africa - they serve the cake before the meal - ha!
Well, that is all for this post.  It may be a while until I right the next post so don't be surprised if there is nothing new here for a while.

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