Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mary Introduces Moses! {Travel, Why we've come & Greetings}

Saturday was a lot of fun because we went to an introduction!  From what I have heard and seen, all introductions are different.  So, I will just tell you about this one.  But ... before I tell you, I should tell you what an introduction is.  It is where the bride is handed over to the groom and all the introductions are made.  In an attempt to not make this take you an hour to read I will break it up into 2 parts.  This time I will just put some pictures of the amazing scenery on the way there and the beginning of the introduction where we (those of us on the groom's side) told the woman's side why we had come.  It is about 5-6 hours from GSF so; we drove 3 hours to Mbale and stayed there Friday then went the other 2(ish) hours on Saturday with everyone else on the groom's side.  Here are some pictures from our travels.
I think that tree looks cool.
In the middle of a big market.
One of the Sipi waterfalls on the way to the intro.
It was a very beautiful drive - I just couldn't capture the beauty.
Here are some pictures of everyone in their introduction clothes.
Fixing the Gomez (Traditional dress)

All the men in their Kanzus - the traditional wear

I love the colors!

Titus and Megan

My family with Wilson and Uncle Sam

The dresses that us girls are wearing is a Mushananna - another traditional dress

Then, we arrived and waited outside a little arch they had made right next to the tents they had set up.  We set up a men's line and a women's line while our MC and their MC talked together.  Then, we went inside one of the tents, said hello and sat down.  Their MC asked why we had come and ours said we had come for someone and we wanted to go back with her.  She was often referred to as the 'one we have come for'. 
Next ... it was time for everyone to greet us and let us know we were welcome.  The LC (like a mayor) came out and told us we were welcome.  Then, there were several groups of women who were family members (or acting as them) or bridesmaids who came dancing out, greeted us and danced back out again.


'Sisters' - they have all taught at GSF school and are not really her sisters

Teacher Alice <3

Teacher Oliva
Teacher Deborah

Then, the MC for the woman's side asked us how we knew where to go.  Our MC told him that the 'one we came for' told us how to come.  He then began telling the directions step by step as the other MC told him that we must have gone the wrong way.  They went back and forth and finally the MC for the woman's side agreed ... but we would have to ask Ssenga (Auntie) first.  So, Ssenga and 'the one we came for' along with others would come out and we would see what they would say .... 
{To be continued}


  1. So interesting! I love hearing more about the culture! The clothes are beautiful! I like your new background too! I usually don't see your background because I read through Google reader but I clicked over today to see it!

  2. God sees you as a blessed young woman!:) Keep up the good work!:)