Monday, October 17, 2011

An update on Philip + picture of Susan

Philip (right) with Benji

Many of you have been asking for 'Philip Updates'. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but the hospital that Philip is in, is not close to GSF. He is in Kampala, which is two hours away. So, my mom and several others were able to go when they were in Kampala and today some house moms went to visit. The other updates have all been from his auntie by phone. Those calls have been few. That is why updates have been few. The calls usually don't contain enough information to write full blog posts about. So, this is kind of a combination of those phone calls and visits. The latest news is, he is doing better but doesn't want to eat. He does want bananas, apples, and yoghurt however. He has been threatened with a feeding tube.
Hopefully he will start eating and will not have to go on a feeding tube so he can come home soon.

Philip soon after we came to GSF

Current Prayer Requests for Philip:

  • That he will have an appetite.
  • That he will be able to come soon.

Susan hasn't been at school much this week so I just got this picture today.

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