Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am writing this post for several reasons, all of which involve prayer requests. Thank you everyone for your prayers!
This is a very special little boy ... Philip. He is very special to many ... all over the world. Many are praying for him everyday. On Wednesday he was diagnosed with a very serious type of Pneumonia. Every since Philip was little he has lived a very difficult life. The worst part is that no one can do anything to help him ... he will always have a hard life. Why? Because he has that awful disease called HIV. So, all that to say please pray for him.
As I said earlier Philip is special to very many people. Why? Well, because he can put on those puppy dog eyes and look sad and make you want to give him as many bananas and fruit snacks as he wants. Because of skinny little legs and that bandage that is on his ear a lot. Because he is silly and when he starts acting and dancing you can't help but laugh. (he is the one on the right in this picture the other boy is one of his good friends, Geoffrey.) And because he has an amazing smile.
And really just because he is special.

On Wednesday I went to devotions with the preschoolers. At the end one of the teachers brought a girl who is about 6. The teacher said 'We are going to pray for this girl. She is ever sick (she is sick a lot). Her name is Susan. Everyone hold out your hands and pray for her.' That is exactly what we did. I do not know exactly what is wrong with this little girl, how old she is, or where she lives but, I know her name and that she needs our prayers. I do not have a picture of her right now but I will post one of her as soon as I get one.

Well, that is all - thank you for praying!

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