Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to the Family

Yesterday, one more child was added to the GSF family. Meet Betty.
Betty is six years old and is an adorable, joyful little girl. We almost made her middle name Tomorrow. For about a month and a half she has been coming 'tomorrow'. Finally, tomorrow came.

This is a song that we sing at GSF:
Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the family

We are glad that you have come

To share your love with us,

As we grow in love.

May we always be to you

What God will have us be,

A family always standing,

To be strong and to belong.

May we learn to love each other

More and more each day

May words of love be on our lips

In everything we say,

May the Spirit mend our hearts

And teach us how to pray

That we might be a true family.

Welcome to the family, Betty, may you grow in joy, love, and happiness at GSF.

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