Monday, October 3, 2011

Special :)

So, Auntie Claudia asked me to make a video for her to show Churches while she was in America. I put pictures of the Special Needs Kids in it but she wanted one of all of them together. Well, I knew that was going to be a challenge so I put it off for a while. Then, I finally just did it. And ... it wasn't too bad. Tom wanted to walk around and wouldn't stay still but everyone else did pretty well. Here are two of my favorites (The little boy screaming in the second one is Tom; he is not in the first one).

Here are some other pictures of them that I really like. :)

Kathy & Lily

Tiny Rose

Matthew & Tom


Elijah & Sam


  1. I love Lilly's look in the second group photo. Looks like you got her to laugh!

  2. Yes, she was either disturbed by Tom or laughing ... I like that picture because we got Moses to smile too. :)