Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water is ... LIFE!

GSF's water tower has an amazing story. When it was first built it immediately fell down. The people in the village said that it was land used for witchcraft and they couldn't build anything there. So, there was a prayer walk around that part of the land. The water tower was built again and again fell down. So, they brought all the kids out from the old GSF land and did a prayer walk around the entire new campus. It was then built a third time and still stands today. It can be seen from all the villages around us and stands as a testimony to them all. Even though it is still standing we are still without water sometimes because the tanks are getting older etc.

Last Friday was one of those days when we woke up to no water. By the end of the day we were still out of water and the boar hole (which usually does not dry up) was even dry. So, on Saturday we all had to walk to a spring where all the villagers get their water to get water. Praise the Lord on Saturday night the water got fixed and by Sunday morning we had water fully back again.

When I go to the toddlers' house the Aunties are sometimes giving the kids water. While giving them water the Auntie will say "Water is what...?"

and the kids will answer "Water is life!"

That is so true and we all need water to survive all the time.

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