Saturday, April 23, 2011

Matthew 19:14

'Leka Abana Abantu Abato Bajje Gyendi' is Swahili for 'Let the little children come unto Me'.

This means so much more to me here in the country with the youngest population in the world than it did in America. On Wednesday I thought about this a lot. Here is a little of what happened.

This is Nicholas and Frank when they first came to GSF. Nicholas told his Auntie "Frank and me, we suffered". After nearly a year we took Nicko and Frank to visit their village. On the way there I asked Nicholas who his friends were in the village. He said "Frank was my only friend". Once we got there we quickly discovered that everyone in the village knew the boys, but Nicko only remembered one lady. There were so many kids just running around the village and I started thinking about those children who Jesus told to come to Him. He said it to those children but he meant it for all children.

Nicholas and Frank now.

Later, we went on a forest walk. I enjoyed the forest part but, that isn't the part that sticks out to me. When we reached the village some of the girls went to visit their friend and the rest of us stayed at the village soccer field. Almost instantly there was at least twenty kids there. They kept calling "Mzungu, Mzungu" so I got up and played tag with them. Pretty soon there was about forty kids there playing tag with me. Only, I was the main one playing because they wouldn't tag anyone else but the 'Mzungu'. So, I sat down with a few of them and 'tried' to teach them the hand game. When I looked up there were about twenty of them surronding me. Now, this didn't really work because I couldn't really teach them. At the monment I thought it was only because I can't speak much Luganda and they can't speak much English. But, I later found out from the GSF girls who were sitting with me that some of the kids were telling the others that I was going to pinch them.

Wherever the children are, and whenever they live, God calls them to come to Him. And, that's all that matters.

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