Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dancing For Jesus

Gloria is now at the feet of Jesus dancing and singing with Norah and Emmanuel. She lived a very difficult nine or ten years but died peacefully on Monday morning around 8:45. During her life on earth she spent a lot of time laying miserably on a hospital bed. She also spent days at GSF being miserable too, but her whole life was not miserable she had times of laughter and joy as well but those were few. Look at for something I wrote about her while she was still alive.

Now, she is always happy, she will never again have to lay on a hospital bed and be miserable. She will never have to crawl around on the floor with flies buzzing all around her again. Never again will she have ants crawling on her wounds and drool coming out of her mouth. She is dancing. She is singing. She is happy.

I will forever miss that beautiful smile on her face. I will miss her and I can't wait to see her... and Norah... and Emmanuel... again someday.

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