Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures & news of the week

This is what I have done this week.

  1. Babies & Toddlers' Houses - Of course I have definitely hung out at the babies house but this week I met a few of the kids of the moms who work there.

  2. Kampala - On Thursday we went to Kampala to go to the dentist and just get away and came back yesterday (Saturday).

  3. Esther (Esta) - When we got back I went to play with some of the girls and found little Esther laying on the grass. So I went over to her and talked to her and found out she didn't feel so well so went and told the nurse and then went back and talked to her some more. Esther is a really good runner and the kids went to Kikube (Chicube) to compete with other schools in running. After that anyone who qualifies goes on up to the next level and there are several more levels leading up to nationals. Anyways, Esther qualified so I talked to her about that, she came in second place.Here is Esther in her school uniform after practicing running on the field.

  4. Tom - Today, before Church I helped the toddlers get ready for Church and found out that little Tom is a really bright boy, he handed me his shoes and held out his feet then he went and picked up his sweater and handed it to me and would not let me put his shirt on him but only the sweater which he had picked out. Tom is about four years old and he has some kind of special needs which no one has fully figured out yet.

  5. Veronica & Godfrey - During Church today I sat with Godfrey and Veronica and they kept switching who sat on my lap and who sat next to me. Veronica is four years old and is nicknamed 'Vero', at one point she was in the toddlers house with ten boys and no other girls. So, she knows how to be tough and she loves to play ball. She also loves babies and is very caring towards anyone.... most of the time. Godfrey is also four years old. When he was first learning to talk he said 'auto' instead of 'uncle'. So, he would call to his Auntie 'Auntie' and she would say 'Auto' so now everyone calls him 'Auto'. He loves to run and play and really wants to help you at the first chance he gets. He almost always has a smile on his face.

  6. Esther (again) & Alana - Later on today I was just aimlessly walking around thinking of ideas for this blog post when Esther (in number 3) and Alana came up to me and wanted walk with me. Esther just wanted to hold my hand the whole time. Alana wouldn't hold my hand but she kept talking and asking me questions the whole time. Alana never really talks to me or hangs around me much unless there is a visitor who she doesn't know about(there was today) or there is something going on that she doesn't know much about.

There is probably a lot more that I could write about but those were the highlights of my week.

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