Sunday, February 27, 2011

Special Needs Kids

I really enjoy playing with the special needs kids now. When we first came I didn't really but now I do. Some of the pictures that I have taken, especially of Lily and Matthew, are really great because they are playing with each other. Here are a few of my favorites. When I went over to where the toddlers were playing in front of their house one day I found Lily holding Matthew on her lap. When I started taking pictures of them Matthew started trying to hide his face and Lily started saying 'Aiana, you see thiseone Machew laying.'. Translation: 'Caralina, you see this one Matthew playing.' I got a lot of pictures of them but here are my three favorites.
On another day when I went over to take pictures of the toddlers I started taking pictures of Matthew and then Tom. When I started taking pictures of Tom, Matthew started hugging him. Here is my favorite picture of them.
Tom is four and has some kind of special needs. The only thing he can say is 'maaaamamama'.

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