Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Cute

This is Joseph. When I told him, 'Joseph you are so cute.'
He said 'Co cute'
Solomon and Jarrod

Solomon, Esther, and Sebastian

Esther and Jarrod

Esther and Micah


Kasifa and Sebbie (Sebastian)

Zaitune (Zai or Tuna) stood up all by herself on Wednesday!

This is her with her brother Edi.


Auntie Amanda. Favour (the baby) and Matthew

Matthew sitting up all by himself! He has CP; so this is a big improvement!


  1. Love your photos. You catch the 'real person', which is something I do not have an eye for. I love seeing Matthew's picture. So exciting for him.

  2. Very cool to see Matthew sitting up all by himself :) Such a blessing!!! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy the blog! -Arin

  3. YAYYY FOR TUNA!!! That is awesome!! By the way, the pic of Joseph is ADORABLE! I miss that cute little face!