Monday, September 19, 2011

A part of my heart

This week I have said goodbye to seven people ... well ... more then seven (there was a team here)... but, seven of them took a part of my heart with them.
Auntie Claudia has lived in Uganda for 13 years, seriously. On Sunday, she left to go on a three month furlough. And she not only took her three adopted girls with her but she also took two other little girls who live in her house with her. The girls she has adopted are Maggie(12), Hope(just turned 12), and Emma (10). The other two are Anna (5) and Amelia (2). So, while you are reading this she will be heading from London to the USA. She already texted us and said that she was in London, eating Krispy Kream.Anyways, over the last three years I have grown really close to these girls. So, it was really hard to say good-bye to them. It didn't seem real. I know that they will only be gone for 3 months but that is a long time. You can be praying for Auntie Claudia and her girls that they will be able to relax. Please be especially praying for Emma right now as she is sick with some kind of stomach bug.
Emma, Auntie Claudia, Hope, and Maggie

Well, the person I really wanted to focus on was Godfrey. A happy 4-year-old boy who was just adopted. He is super energetic and he loves to run around and play. Well, when we came to Uganda Godfrey had just gotten to GSF and I remember helping him learn how to walk. With most of the other adopted kids, it hasn't been hard to get used to them being gone (with an exception of Grace and Martha and maybe a few others). They go, you think you see them a few times, you remember they are gone, and soon it is just life. They have families and it is all wonderful. Not saying that it is wonderful that Godfrey has a family because it is wonderful, beyond wonderful ... bitter-sweet. It will just be so hard to get used to. To walk in the Toddlers' house and not have him come running up to me with that big smile of his saying 'Calonina!' Boy, am I going to miss that, but I am sure that I will get used to it soon. Anyways, I wanted to share several picture of him with you.

He had just gotten a new blanket.

With his Grandfather
I took this picture a few weeks ago.

Other prayer requests:
  1. A new case of some kids who might need to come to GSF has come up (I'll tell you more later), so please pray for wisdom for the missionaries and Social Worker.
  2. Please continue to pray for a little girl who needs to come to GSF - the man who was supposed to bring her has been busy and our Social Worker has been very busy too. Pray that she will come in God's timing.
  3. Sebbie goes for surgery on Thursday, pray that it will happen.
Thank you for all your prayers!

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