Friday, July 8, 2011


I was trying to figure out what call this post and what to write about and hope came to my mind. There could not be a more perfect subject for this post.

Ssubi's auntie brought her to the clinic about a week ago. She is four years old and has CP and can not talk or walk. She is a beautiful little girl and her auntie loves her very much and does all she can for sweet little Ssubi.

Matthew also has CP but he has lived at GSF since he was 2 days old. He can not walk or talk on his own but is a very smart little boy. He has just recently gotten a new walker and can walk to school with it. He loves to walk around in it.

Lastly, Happy 12th Birthday to another MK at GSF, Hope.

Here is a verse I found about hope and some pictures.

"So the poor have HOPE, and injustice shuts it's mouth." Job 5:16



One more thing I wasn't going to write about but I found some songs that I really like so I leave you with some links that you can click on and read the lyrics. ;

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