Monday, July 18, 2011

On Friday, Auntie Amanda came back to GSF. She was deathly sick so we were all very glad to see her back at GSF. She came back with a team so they told the team to get out first so the kids would talk to them first. Then, she got off the bus and about 50 kids surrounded her shouting "Auntie Amanda! Auntie Amanda!"

Little Sebastian's Grandparents came to visit him on Friday. It was so fun to see them watch Seb walking around and making nosies and laughing. Here is him with his JaJa in October.

Here is Sebastian now!

One of the other things that has been going on lately is all Primary Schools in Uganda do different sports competitions every school term (there are 3 terms in a year). This term is ball sports (Soccer, Volley Ball, and Net Ball). GSF school has been doing really good this year. They even did some of the competitions at GSF today.

Here are some of the pictures Iv'e taken lately that I really like.

Baby Tuna (Zaitun)


Gayla and Joanne love walking together

Edi (Baby Tuna's brother)

Paul & Gabriel being silly while eating Watermelon.




  1. I love the pictures. The smiles are worth gold and they are sooooo cute. The new photo of Seb just makes me giggle. I'm glad the grandparents came to visit.

  2. Love love love seeing pictures of these kids. They are so dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing Caralina!