Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Pictures

Okay, so I decided I needed to put some pictures on here. Most of them are really good pictures but there's not enough to write about them to make a full blog post about each of them. So, here they are.

Our new house is almost finished!

How do you like our new tree decoration?

The new playground.

GSF's new 'baby' - Chloe.

Amelia and Simeon
Amelia and Esther

Esther (this is a different Esther) and Charlie - Esther has the best smile.

Barbara and Jarrod

Kathy and Lily - two of GSF's Special Needs girls.

Edi and Joy - Joy was writing on the babies' hands (it's just a Joy thing) and Edi was intrigued.

Crazy boys - Godfrey, Micah, and Gabriel.

Bobby, Charlie, Jarrod, and Sebastian - no, we don't USUALLY put four babies on one stroller...

...But, you CAN usually find a baby in the back of the stroller - Sebastian.
Amelia and Sophia - Beautiful girls

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  1. OK, I got caught up with your blog. I love it. The new pictures are wonderful. The one I shared with the Bible study was in March when you did lots of photos of the toddlers. But, mainly I wanted to share the chorus aboout your legacy...I love that and what it says about YOU. I loved my visit also...too short as always. Grandma.