Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayer for Auntie Amanda

Auntie Amanda is the teacher for us missionary kids. She is so fun. She always has energy and a smile on her face. She went back to the States to visit for a month. She went to suprise her mom because she was about to have surgery. While in Amsterdam she started feeling like she had malaria. So, she started on the medicine. Then, she started feeling better so stopped taking the medicine.This weekend she started feeling bad again. Soon, it was discovered that she has Cerebral Malaria which is very serious. She is now starting to feel better but, is still not completely better. She will have to be in the hospital anywhere from a week to a month. We all miss her so much. It was so neat for me to see all the kids gathered at the chapel praying. Our prayers have worked and we need to continue praying! We have an awesome God!

Another prayer request is for little Patricia(Patu). She was adopted in January. Last night we got word that she has a fever of 105. This precious little girl needs outr prayers as well.

Please join us in prayer for Auntie Amanda and Patu.

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