Thursday, May 16, 2013


We welcomed in another sweet little one this week!  His name is Moses Muwanguzi {which is a Luganda word meaning winner}.  GSF has worked with his family before and his siblings are the 2 little ones that came last week.  He is 4 years old, but is extremely malnourished and is about the same size as his 20 month old sister.
He does not move very much, but can scoot across the floor a little bit.   He has a possibility of scoliosis, which may have stunted his growth a little and made it hard for him to move.  He is not so sure about playing with the other kids yet, but loves all the new toys he is finding.  He especially likes the little baby piano and the shaker. He is settling in to his new home and is often found sitting away from the other kids or on someones lap, with his little tongue sticking out {as seen in the first picture}.  He is very shy at first, but will warm up eventually and gives lots of smiles and an occasional laugh.  Just as with all of our kids, it is sad that he had to come, because of his situation, but we are so glad he is here now!  It has been good to have the three siblings reunited, although they don't interact much.

{Sebastian and Moses will both be taken to the orthopedic hospital on Monday, Sebastian goes in just for a check up of his cleft pallet surgery and Moses will be going to get checked for Scoliosis.  Please be praying!}

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