Thursday, June 28, 2012

His love stories

Tell me in the morning of your love, because I trust you.  Show me what I should do, because my prayers go up to you. ~Psalm 143:8
I love this verse for a lot of reasons.  Mainly, because when I read the whole chapter it's clear - David's goin' through some tough times yet, this verse is so calm.  I have those kind of days a lot.  After reading this verse, I am choosing a new perspective to watch for His love stories.  Tuesday, I went through one of those beautifully HARD days.  It began when a 9 month old baby and her young mother came to the clinic.  I saw how small the sweet baby was.  I went and sat with her mother, Keniva and tried to hold the little one, Leticia.  She cried and I felt like crying too.  It literally felt like I was holding bones.  I thought she would just break.  Auntie Loyce {Social Worker} helped me weigh Leticia.  We weighed her 3 - 5 times to make sure we weren't mistaken.  3.5 Kilos {about 7 pounds}.  That's less than I weighed when I was born.  It made me sick.  She is now admitted into the near by clinic.  I am finding God's love story in this and praying for them.
Also, meet Grace and Teddy.  The two newest members of GSF.  Here is a {wonderful!} post about Grace from our Nurse Katie.  Little Teddy is only a little over 2 months old.  She is a sweet little girl.  I am on a different computer today, so I don't have pictures of either of them.  Sorry!  I will try to do more about them later.
I have so many more of these stories, but I don't have that much time. :)


  1. HIS love stories are the best. You are one of them. Remember that!

    1. Thank you! This was very encouraging to me!